Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The end of the semester is fast approaching.  Please post your responses to earn credit.

Part 2 and 3: Mobilizing and Designing

Please plan to observe a classroom that implements components of a blended classroom such as Mrs.Moxley, Mrs. Smalling, Mrs. MacDonald, and Mrs. Briles  .  It is your responsibility to make arrangements.  After you have observed a blended classroom , please write a reflection that includes the organization of the classroom, implementation of strategies, station rotations and overall understanding.  Post it to our blog for all to comment .  

Part 4:

Implementing your Understanding

Please arrange for a time for Ana Vazao or Jennifer Jordan to visit your classroom so that we may all learn from each other.  Write a reflection and post on our blog after the classroom visit.


  1. During my classroom visit I noticed a lot of great things going on. Students were choosing where to sit, supplies were housed where they could find them, and everyone seemed to know exactly what to do and when. Some students were working with peers, some students were working independently, and some were working with Ms. Smalling. A few students had technology but not all of them. I noticed students collaborating with one another, having discussions about what they were learning, and everyone seemed to be on task. The room was cozy and inviting and the students seemed to take pride in their classroom.

  2. Part 4: I enjoyed having Ana Vazao in my classroom. She visited during our Writer's Workshop time. She saw a mini lesson and their independent writing time. If I were to do anything differently in my classroom this year, it would be to allow myself to confer with my students more. I feel like if I get interruptions in my day, conferring is one of the first things to go. The thing I am most proud of this year is removing assigned chairs. My students are thriving with flexible seating and I must admit I was terrified!

  3. Ana saw couple of different things happening:
    small group with teacher
    students working independently on the computers on Brainpop watching and taking notes on fossil fuels and Natural resources
    book club

  4. I visited Tori's classroom:
    The students were engaged in each of their activities whether they were in small group with her talking about cause and effect, working on the computers to learn more about weather and taking notes, or working on their social studies newspaper. It was quiet and well run. The students self monitored and stayed on task.

  5. During my visit to Tori's room I saw many activities going on at once. Tori was pulling a small group regarding science. Students were engaged. Some of the groups were working on a website and taking notes on weather. Another group was working of social studies weekly. All students were engaged on their projects and working independently. As I asked students about their learning they could tell me exactly what they were doing and these activities were very open ended.

  6. When Ana entered my room she saw many different things going on. She observed small group reading/math. She also saw students engaged in their book clubs. Furthermore, several other groups were working on science brainpops and other students were working on their mystery book reports using google slides.