Thursday, August 25, 2016

As you read chapters one to three, please answer the following question:

What is your rallying cry?  Why would you want to be a part of the blended learning community? What problems are you trying to solve?

Throughout the course more questions will be posted.  All members have been invited to post their reflections to  blog.

Ana Vazao


  1. My rallying cry is: I will implement technology and creative opportunities in my classroom through many different avenues (BrainPop, Its Learning, I-Station, MakerSpace, Stop, Drop, and Write, etc.). Students will gain the ability to self-monitor and self-direct their learning by the middle of the year.

    Why would you want to be a part of the blended learning community?

    I would love to be a part of a blended learning community because it is innovative and allows for children to create and learn on a whole new level. A blended learning community also allows for teachers, parents, and students to work together for student success on a much more personalized level. I am excited to see what children are capable of when we allow them to go beyond where we ever thought they could go! I also think technology is the future, whether we like it or not. Teaching students to use technology in ways that will foster their learning is a skill they need to be successful in the future.

    What problems are you trying to solve?
    With blended learning I would love to solve the problem that have with losing weeks of instruction every time there are benchmarks and assessments. Having computer programs that can assess our students and even help to group our students by need is a lifesaver for any teacher!

    The other problem I would love to solve is having a program that will help to highlight those students that may have fallen through the cracks before. Often times we think a student understands a concept only to find out days or weeks later that is not the case. Having technology that is working on students' levels is like having an extra teacher in the room that may catch something we didn't.

  2. What is your rallying cry? Get back to basics! Educators spend so much time trying to implement new ways of teaching and doing things that the foundations of learning are no longer solid and kids have lots of cracks as they come through the grades.

    Why would you want to be a part of the blended learning community? I don't mind being a "part" of a blended learning environment. My concern is students are learning all this new and great technology, but when they get to 5th grade they have trouble doing basic math because they have spent so much time letting technology teach. The creativity of the students is being stifled because they let the computers do the creating.

    What problems are you trying to solve?
    Technology should be an extension of student's learning not their complete learning. The teacher should be the one teaching not the computer. Too much screen time and not enough person to person interaction is a huge problem.

  3. What is your rally cry? Create a foundation that can be cemented into structural learning. Students are becoming fragmented. If the basics are being taught then implementing new ideas can be creative and allow higher learning to take place through various avenues.

    Why would you want to be a part of the blended learning community? I believe that all grade levels are blended for student success. Blended learning does not mean just technology but new ways of learning and thinking to increase knowledge. Balance is the key to success and students creativity and projects can reflect an outcome that shows knowledge of concepts. I do believe that we can be fooled by the success of technology thinking a student has mastered an objective. Technology has its place in the classroom but it is not a replacement of good teaching practices.

    What problems are you trying to solve? I am trying to run a balanced classroom that incorporates basics along with innovative teaching and projects. Students spend a lot of time on technology at home and the learning at school should be student driven with tools they can use in group settings.