Monday, June 1, 2015

GT 6 hour Update Book Study application

This course offers an opportunity to receive 6 hours of GT update credit through an independent book study.  Participants will read the text, Notice & Note by Beers and Probst about effective Gifted and Talented strategies to implement in the classroom.  Teachers will be responsible for a reflection piece outlining new strategies in order to effectively differentiate instruction for their Gt learners.  They will also be required to apply a new strategy in the classroom that benefits their gifted learners.   All reflections will be posted onto our MDE blog.  


Please consider the following questions in your reflection piece:

How will you differentiate your instruction to meet the needs of your gifted learners?
How will these new strategies benefit your gifted learners?
How will these strategies help your gifted students think and apply new learning?

In order to receive full credit, all participants will be required to apply a new strategy in their classrooms and reflect about their lesson on the blog.   Course facilitator will document and track course requirements.  Credit would be earned on eduphoria upon completion.